I’m the worst… for not finding this TV show sooner.

Finding a good TV show can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack. I feel wrong just using that turn of phrase with how much it is used in modern chat. Maybe it is worth searching for an alternative analogy but for now I’m not sure I have the time.

I spend hours searching for TV shows and generally I don’t have a specific genre of TV show that I am searching for. There are many genres that I will watch, from an action historical drama like ‘Vikings’ to a slightly less action filled period drama like ‘Poldark’. Then I also have watched great SciFi like ‘Dark’ and season 1 of ‘Altered Carbon’ (I did watch Season 2 but this was lacking), to police dramas like ‘Line of Duty’ and romances like ‘Love and Anarchy’. All of these shows I would recommend to anyone looking for their next binge. Maybe I’ll get round to writing an article of my ‘Top 10 recommended binges’ at some point.

Between the long binges of shows there are long periods of searching… and searching. Many times I give up and get on with something else because I do not plan on watching just another one of the many just about ‘decent’ Netflix shows. There are too many shows out there so I have to be pretty selective (or maybe I’m a bit of a snob).

Finally I have been lucky because I have found my next binge. You are also lucky as you can also watch it. It is on Hulu, so if you haven’t activated the free trial of this service yet or you already have a subscription you can get down to watching it right now. There no time to waste in this finite life of yours!

You’ll be thinking, ‘How on earth do you expect me to watch something that you haven’t given the name of?’ and my answer to that is that you should have trained as a psychic, or you should connect up with a newly implanted 5G antenna (comes with the vaccine). [No, not really, I was just about to tell you the name… – it’s also in the cover image to this post]

‘You’re the worst’ box set cover.

My new favourite show is called ‘You’re the worst.’ and it fills my time easily. It has short form 25 minute episodes (I always find this timespan much easier to fit in with my day to day schedule). They are filled with enough humour, dark-humour, drama, and some slightly explicit scenes, so make sure you are old enough, or avoid it if you don’t like explicit, since sex and more adult concepts are not at all avoided by the writers of this show.

This is an original comedy that puts a ‘dark twist’ on the regular romance with two moderately self-destructive main characters, and an amusing amount of equally broken supporting characters. If you hate ‘perfect’ romances then this show is for you as it is full of romantic problems and it doesn’t hesitate to explore more serious themes. I won’t spoil the plot line but it enthralling to say the least.

If you are interested in this just go to Hulu to stream it or you can buy it directly from other retailers as a box set.

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