Recently Shelved… Diary of a Young Girl

Although I have read other books recently, I thought this book deserved its own post as it does stand on its own. It does not need criticism or rating for it was never intended to be published.

This diary of Anne Franks life in the secret annexe offers a view into her life which she never expected anyone to have. To read the book is a terrible privilege. Her self-awareness is impressive for a girl that was only around 14 years of age, and her words cause many realisations. This book is one that most should read, and a warning to all of us that we can’t let something like this happen again.

The Anne Frank House …”was set up to increase awareness of the events of the dark years of the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews and to fight discrimination, prejudice, and oppression in the world today.” – read more on their website (

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